Christine’s story

Christine had hardly used a computer before joining our IT workshop. Now she has learnt new ways to use technology in her daily life and she loves coming to our sociable workshop sessions.

I’ve been at Henshaws quite a while and I love it. I’ve got a lot of friends here.

I really like taking photos on my phone then using them to make photo montages. I also add images which I find online. I know how to print out and how to use the internet.

I’ve learnt different ways of communicating. I can send an email to my partner Graham. We first met through the IT workshop. He helps me to use the technology.

It’s a really sociable workshop. I like coming here because I enjoy being with other people. Our workshop leader Nigel makes sessions fun."

Christine sat in front of her computer in our IT workshop

Nigel Tyson, workshop leader said:

“Christine has made great progress since joining the IT Workshop. She had hardly used a computer before and sometimes struggled with reading and spelling. We overcome this by typing out large print sheets which Christine can copy from when she wants to type out text.

Her confidence has hugely increased and her skills have advanced incredibly fast. For example, her dexterity has improved as she’s learnt to use the mouse more effectively through resizing images of her favourite bands.

We set up an email account for Christine so she can communicate with family and friends. Working together, we aim to help her build skills which she can continue to use in her daily life.”

Art Maker using a computer in our I.T. workshop

Join our IT workshop

In our IT sessions we will support you to use computers to promote your independence in your everyday life. You can participate in group projects or concentrate on your own interests:

  • Learn to use Microsoft Office for word processing, publications and email
  • Develop confidence to use the internet for both entertainment and research
  • Engage with social networks including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Please contact us to find out how we can develop a creative programme which is tailored to your needs.

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