Dolly’s story

Dolly has a passion for all things shiny and glittery. She explains why she loves to be creative in our jewellery workshop and how she finds the process of designing and making therapeutic.

Dolly jewellery workshop

“Jewellery brings together the kinds of things I like – shiny objects, different shapes and textures. I love the process of making things. It’s therapeutic. Coming here inspires me as I get to see all the different materials available and decide how to use them. I’m really proud of the work that I’m doing.

For years I used my own technique with wire and beads to create patterned keyrings. Nigel suggested I could try steel nuts in some of my designs. I like working with steel because it’s shiny and that makes it easier for me to see. I’ve enjoyed coming up with my own ideas for new ways to use it including coasters, earrings, necklaces and lampshades. Next I’d like to try covering a chair or a table.

I like knowing I’m working on my own ideas and I feel like I’ve taken an advanced step to create something more complicated than I thought I could manage. Even though sometimes it does take time, I find it relaxing. Once I’ve finished a product I feel a sense of achievement.

I just love the work that I do here. If it wasn’t for the Arts & Crafts Centre there would be nothing for me to do back home. I’m happy here. When I was younger I never had much confidence. As well as being creative it’s really helped me learn to stand up for myself.”

A colourful rainbow hanging in the window of our jewellery creative workshop

Join our jewellery workshop

Make creative pieces of jewellery using unusual and inspirational materials. Work on bringing your own ideas to life from design stage to the finished piece.

  • Learn to use different techniques to create jewellery from wire, beads and recycled materials
  • Be inspired by textures, colours and shapes
  • Develop pattern and counting skills
  • Create pieces that are sparkly, shiny and bright.

Please contact us to find out how we can develop a creative programme which is tailored to your needs.

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