Karen’s story

Karen is 34 years old and has been coming to the Centre since it opened almost 20 years ago. Taking part in massage, music and meditation helps her to manage her feelings and express herself more freely.

I have learnt lots of ways to relax which I can use at home. I’ve also learnt how to do back massages and enjoy using this skill.”

Karen, Art Maker - multisensory

An art maker playing the rainbow coloured hand bells in our multisensory workshop while workshop leader plays the guitar

Rufus Beckett, workshop leader said:

“The multisensory workshop provides Karen with an environment in which she feels comfortable and confident. She enjoys accessing massage, music and meditation.

Karen sometimes finds it difficult to express her emotions and to talk about anything that might be worrying her. Our sensory room provides an environment where Karen feels she can express herself more easily. The relaxation aspect of the workshop also helps Karen to manage her behaviours as we support her to learn meditation and massage techniques to use at home.

Karen has used her musical talent to help write songs that have then been sung by the Arts & Crafts Centre band ‘The Hotspots’. Karen can use sensory aids such as specially adapted hand bells which ring when you push the handle down, ensuring her physical disabilities don’t stop her from joining in with the session.”

Art Maker enjoying a session with the fibre optics and glow in the dark cushions in our multisensory workshop

Join our multisensory workshop

Escape from your everyday routine in our multisensory workshop where we offer massage, relaxation, meditation, storytelling, games and focused discussion. This workshop is especially popular with our Art Makers who have more complex needs.

  • Increase your confidence through storytelling and games
  • Develop techniques for meditation and massage to help you relax
  • Enjoy sensory stimulation through a range of equipment including glow in the dark displays, music, fibre optics and tactile cushions.

Please contact us to find out how we can develop a creative programme which is tailored to your needs.

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