Ken’s story

Art Makers in our treatment and wellbeing workshop have a big impact on wellbeing by learning professional massage techniques to help others relax. Ken enjoys coming to the session and helping other Art Makers.

I like doing the hand and back massages. Some customers ask especially for me as I am quite strong. It helps other people to relax and have their time out. So they might come in feeling a bit upset but we’ll help them get things off their chest. We’ve learnt lots of skills from Juliette who teaches us the different techniques. I really enjoy coming to the workshop and feel that I get a lot out of it."

Ken, Art Maker - treatment and wellbeing

Art Maker Ken giving a back massage during our treatment and wellbeing workshop for people with disabilities

Juliette, our professional therapist who leads the session, explains in more detail how the session works.

“We offer two types of massage which work on the hand, arm, shoulder, neck and upper back. We have an appointment system which gives our Art Makers a chance to work on their organisation and customer service skills through booking appointments and managing the weekly diary.

When Art Makers join the workshop, we start by learning simple anatomy so they can understand the impact of massage and how the body works. We ask for a donation from our customers for providing massages and this allows us to fund all of our own hypoallergenic creams, towels and uniforms. Our customers are mainly other Art Makers at the centre. We help them to relax and offload their stresses.

One of our most recent customers, James, was initially reluctant to come into the session. By gradually building up his confidence at being more tactile, he will now sit here and enjoy a massage. His mum says she’s noticed an increase in the amount of affection he shows in everyday life, which illustrates the huge beneficial effect massage can have on our customers wellbeing.”

Art makers in our treatment and wellbeing workshop offering back and hand massages to other Art Makers

Join our treatment and wellbeing workshop

Work with our professional therapist to learn a range of massage techniques. Use your skills in a therapeutic work environment to help other Art Makers.

  • Learn simple anatomy and understand how the body works
  • Develop massage techniques including hand, arm, neck, shoulder and back
  • Work with people with more complex needs in a calm, structured setting
  • Improve your administration skills by booking appointments in the diary
  • Work on your social and listening skills through talking to customers.
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