Wesley’s story

Wesley came to us needing support to communicate his feelings more clearly. Now his sessions in the art studio are helping to develop his confidence.

I like coming to Henshaws because I like art. This is my first time making mosaics. Learning to grout has been my favourite thing so far. I also like drawing my favourite characters by copying from the book. Coming here has made me more confident.”

Wesley, Art Maker

Art Maker Wesley holding up his brightly coloured mosaic which features a green crocodile surrounded by blue, yellow and green tiles

Art Maker Wesley in the art studio holding up a mosaic he made which features a crocodile surrounded by yellow, blue and green tilesBrightly coloured mosaic made in our art studio featuring a crocodile made from yellow, blue and green tilesArt Maker Wesley with staff and volunteer holding up soem of his work which includes a pencil drawing of a shark and crocodile mosaic

Shirley, workshop leader, tells us Wesley’s story:

“Wesley’s aims when he first started here were to improve his social communication and to learn to express his feelings. He’s enjoyed working on this mosaic job and has really taken to grouting. We know he’s enjoying it as he smiles throughout. He’s also progressed to mosaicing his own coasters where he is given a choice of tiles and supported by a volunteer. We are encouraging Wesley to do more on his own and to have the confidence not to worry about making mistakes.

Very slowly, Wesley’s confidence has grown through the praise he’s received for the pieces he has made. In his initial sessions he had more support but we’ve gradually encouraged him to do things for himself so he doesn’t need one to one support and can be more independent. His next goal is to do his own jobs such as going to get his own lunch. He enjoys mark making on paper so next we will work with him to get him to choose a shape and design it himself. It’s important that the choices come from him. For Wesley, being with the other Art Makers has encouraged him to be more sociable and he’s already seeing the benefits.”


Brightly coloured crocodile mosaic made by an Art Maker in our art studio using green, red, yellow and blue tiles

Join our art studio

Follow your own interests to develop a unique style of working in our art studio. We will support you to try a range of media whilst being sensitive to your individual needs each week.

  • Learn to design and make your own mosaics
  • Develop your drawing skills, from simple mark making on paper to designing cards and canvases
  • Get inspiration from our wide range of art books
  • Try different techniques with pencil, crayon, watercolour and acrylic paint
  • Make friends in our sociable workshop sessions.
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