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Explore our top tips and advice on finding or improving accessibility in the workplace, at events, online, and in day-to-day life.

iPhone screen displaying apps


There’s a wide variety of apps available for your phone that can help you to overcome the issues that sight loss brings; such as recognising products, faces, or colours. And what’s more, the vast majority of them are free! We introduce you to some of our favourites and show you how they work.

Nick and Vicky

Benefits & support

Explore our useful resources on benefits and support, including information on eye conditions, grants to apply for, and benefits you may be entitled to.

A group of children stood together smiling at the camera at the Adventure Farm Trip

Children, young people and families

Explore our resources for children, young people and families from our specialist team – whether it’s learning communication skills with children from a young age, or support with the transition from school into adulthood.

Entertainment & art

Explore our resources on art and entertainment; covering a range of topics including the importance of accessible art, social media, and gaming.

Daily living

Mobility and daily living skills are essential to maintaining independence after sight loss. Our resources look at some of the key skills involved, such as communication and using mobility aids, as well as how to cope with some of the emotional elements of sight loss, such as grief and bereavement.

using an afro comb to chop a tomato

Life Hacks

Henshaws tips, tricks and tech for living with a visual impairment. Our short Life Hack films and eBook aim to support those living with sight loss to lead a more independent life.

Mark wearing a Henshaws t-shirt in front of his computer at home, holding up an Echo device to the camera.

Technology and products

There’s a huge variety of products available for people with sight loss to support everyday living; from Liquid Level Indictators for pouring hot drinks safely, to high-tech equipment like the OrCam. Check out our resources find out what’s available, how they work, and how to use them.

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