Daily Living

Mobility and daily living skills are essential to maintaining independence after sight loss.

In the resources below, we look at some of the key skills involved, such as communication and using mobility aids, as well as how to cope with some of the emotional elements of sight loss, such as grief and bereavement.

What do tactile pavements tell us?

Ever wondered what those different bumps and lumps on the pavement mean? Read more in our blog and watch our video for how to cross the road safely.

Mobility Training

Mobility Canes: The Definitive Guide

There are many varieties of canes, but what is the real difference between them? We give you the breakdown of mobility canes in our blog, as well as two videos from our Rehab Officer Simon.

using an afro comb to chop a tomato

10 ways you can adapt your home if you have a visual impairment

Your home is where you should feel most comfortable and relaxed, but it may need some adaptations to make it safe to live in if you’re visually impaired.

'Do blind men sit down to pee?’ The trials and tribulations of using public toilets with a visual impairment

Following our video, “Do blind men sit down to pee?”, blogger ‘Cane and Able’ has written a great response piece which explores the topic of public toilets in more depth.

Kevin and Debbie chatting on a couch

5 tips for communicating with someone with sight loss

Kevin has RP and has been living with sight loss for over 20 years. In our video, he talked Debbie through his simple advice for sighted people when communicating with people with visual impairments, and we’ve pulled out our favourite top 5 tips in our blog.

Tips, tricks and tech for dating with sight loss eBook

Dating as a visually impaired person can have its own set of barriers. Our eBook covers the best places to meet people, the accessibility of different dating apps and websites, talking about your visual impairment in new relationships, tips for sighted people, advice for dates, and coping with sight loss in a relationship.

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How to Put In Eye Drops for Glaucoma

Mark visits Manchester Royal Eye Hospital (MREH) and talks to Karen, a specialist Glaucoma nurse, about how best to put in the eye drops that are used to treat Glaucoma.

How do you cross the road safely when you're blind?

Debbie introduces tactile paving, explaining the different patterns you will come across, as well as the little secret hidden under the signal box that will help you cross the road safely.

How do you use a microwave if you can't see?

Microwaves are a really useful appliance, especially if you’re visually impaired, but how do you use one if you can’t see? Let Mark show you two options, one expensive and one low cost.

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How to prepare food for someone with sight loss

Mark provides a great top tip to enable those with sight loss to know what’s on their food plate and where. He also give some useful advice for safe chopping.

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Parenting with Sight Loss

Debbie talks to Bryony about some of the challenges she’s faced over the past two years of being a blind mum, including reading stories and changing nappies!

Check out the follow-up video with Bryony and Debbie here.

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Sighted Guides

Henshaws Rehab Officer Simon explains the benefits of using sighted guides, and the best practise.

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How to apply make-up when you're blind

Zoe provides her top tips and demonstrates how to use make-up brushes and mascara when you’re partially sighted or blind.

Watch Zoe’s tips on organising your cosmetics to help with make-up when you’re visually impaired in our video here.

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How do you choose your clothes if you're blind?

Let Mark show you his top tips for organising your clothes if you have little or no vision.

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Prosthetic Eyes - when false eyes don't look like eyes...

Prosthetic (or false) eyes are used when someone has had their eye removed due to injury or disease. Mark talks to Simon about his experience of losing his eye and why he chose to go for an unconventional chequerboard design instead of a life like eye.

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Counselling for Sight Loss

Mark talks to Henshaws Counsellor Sian to find out about some of the emotions you may feel after a sight loss diagnosis.

Henshaws Counselling services are delivered with generous support from the Big Lottery Fund. If you want to meet Sian we offer free counselling sessions across Greater Manchester, or over the phone.

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Five resources on visual impairment you should know about!

What online support is available for visually impaired people, their family, and professionals? The answer is – tons! Alice and Gemma pick out their top five resources that you should know about and how each one could support you.

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