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Art Makers drawing at a table set out with lots of pens, paper and books.

Art Making – the positive impact of creative art projects eBook

Staff from our Arts & Crafts Centre share the benefits of making art and how to support people with a range of disabilities to be creative.

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Circular board game with stars around the edge and different shaped wooden blocks stacked against each other.

A guide to accessible board games

Board games are great, but finding accessible board games can be difficult. We took a look at the market to find accessible options for VI people.

Social media accessibility: Facebook and Twitter

How accessible is Twitter and Facebook for visually impaired users? Debs runs through their accessibility features in our blog.

Social media accessibility: Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube

Alice explores in our blog the accessibility of the photo sharing platforms Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat for visually impaired users.

Playing games with a visual impairment blog

Kyle is an avid gamer, who shares in our blog how his visual impairment affects the way he plays video games.

Accessible games blog

We take a look at the accessible games out there and find out how possible it is for visually impaired and blind people to enjoy video games.

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Meet the Art Makers

We meet some of our Art Makers to discover the benefits of creating art for people with disabilities and learn practical tips we can all use to make art accessible for everyone.

Using your TV through Voice Control

Using an Apple TV, Amazon Echo, a smart plug, SiRi and VoiceOver – Mark demonstrates how you can use your TV easily and accessibly through voice commands – amazing for people with sight loss or limited mobility.

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