Knowledge Video Library

Our Knowledge videos bring you tips, tricks and tech for living with a visual impairment.

Check out our Life Hacks for fun and informative videos teaching you everything from how to organise your wardrobe, to how to chop vegetables. We also introduce you to our favourite apps and specialist products and look at some essential daily living skills.

Life Hacks

Henshaws Life Hacks bring you some brilliant ideas that we’ve collected over the years for overcoming the issues sight loss presents. Try them out and let us know if you have any life hacks of your own!

Looking over Anita's shoulder to see her iPad screen


There’s a whole world of apps out there that can support
visually impaired people to live more independently. We introduce you to our favourites and take you through how they work.

Image of the OrCam glasses sitting on top of the box.


We look at what products are out there to support you in your sight loss, including the life changing OrCam, which can not only read text instantly but can also recognise products and faces.

Al walking during travel training with Disability Support watching

Daily Living

Mobility and daily living skills are essential to maintaining independence after sight loss. We look at some of the key skills.

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