There’s a huge variety of products available for people with sight loss to support everyday living; from Liquid Level Indictators for pouring hot drinks safely, to high-tech equipment like the OrCam. Check out our videos to find out what's available, how they work, and how to use them.

Mouse magnifiers

Mark introduces 3 different types of mouse magnifiers (also known as ‘monomouses’) from Bierley and Cobalt; handheld magnifiers that are shaped like a computer mouse, all which have different ways to connect to your PC or TV.

Desktop magnifiers

Mark introduces us to and guides us on how to use an electronic Desktop Magnifier, which magnifies text and images, and has a number of different contrast settings that can be personalised to your preference.

USB MonoMouses

Mark introduces a type of handheld magnifier, often referred to as a MonoMouse, from the company Bierley which can be plugged into your laptop or TV via USB.

Liquid Level Indicators

This neat little device can enable you to pour drinks (hot or cold!) safely. Mark shows us how it works.

Talking Microwaves

Microwaves are a really useful tool for cooking, especially if you’re visually impaired, but the lack of tactile buttons can make them inaccessible to use. Mark provides two accessible solutions – one more expensive and one low cost – in our video.

Bone Conduction Headphones

Bone Conduction headphones are headphones which allow you to hear sound through the vibration of your jaw bones and cheek bones. They’re great for people with sight loss, as it means you can still hear the world around you whilst you’re out and about, but also listen to music or navigational tools at the same time. Alice runs us through how she uses hers!

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OrCam is a wearable, high-tech piece of equipment which can read text aloud instantly, as well as recognise faces and products. Mark runs us through its features in our short videos:

"OrCam is a new lease of life to me. I can read again! I haven't been able to read printed text in 30 years or more."

Jim, Henshaws service user and volunteer

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