Bespoke training courses

We offer bespoke training courses for professionals working in care or education. Our specialists can develop customised professional development courses delivered at one of our centres or at a location of your choice. Read on to find out more about our range of courses which we can adapt to meet your needs.

Participants taking part in our disability awareness training, one of our training courses for professionals in the mobility training area at our specialist college in Yorkshire

Disability awareness training

This introductory training course will raise your awareness of the key challenges disabled people often encounter. The course is interactive and supports you to develop skills to effectively guide and support people with a range of needs.

Visual impairment awareness training

This interactive course will increase your understanding of the needs of people with sight loss. You will gain knowledge of a range of different eye conditions and, through the use of simulation spectacles, develop an understanding of the effects these have on a person’s sight. You will explore equipment available to aid with daily living, be taught how to guide someone with a visual impairment and learn how to make the environment more accessible for those with sight loss.

Supporting people in wheelchairs

This interactive course will raise your awareness of the techniques and issues involved in safely guiding and supporting people in wheelchairs. You will experience being guided under simulation and develop best practice wheelchair guiding and support techniques. This will help to improve the experience of wheelchair travel for both the guide and wheelchair user.

Supporting visually impaired people to get around safely

This interactive course focuses on developing techniques used to safely guide people with a range of different eye conditions. You will experience being guided under simulation and explore how to use safe sighted guide techniques to overcome various challenges posed by the environment.

Supporting visually impaired people at home; introduction to independent living skills

You will explore a range of aids and equipment for daily living and experience completing household tasks and food preparation under simulation. You will develop the knowledge to effectively support someone with the completion of household tasks and promote their independence.

Supporting someone with a dual sensory impairment

This interactive course will raise your understanding of the needs of people with a sight and hearing impairment. You will gain knowledge of a range of different communication techniques along with an understanding of the emotional implications of living with dual sensory impairment.

Creating accessible environments

This course focuses on how the environment can be adapted to make it more accessible for people with visual impairments. You will gain an understanding of how lighting, colour contrast, signage, decoration and aids/equipment can be used to create an accessible environment.

Creating accessible teaching resources

This course focuses on the importance of making the teaching area accessible and all activities fully inclusive to aid learning. You will develop knowledge and skills to plan accessible sessions and resources along for students with a range of disabilities so that learning can be enjoyed by everyone in the teaching group.

Creating accessible information for people with disabilities

This course will increase your awareness of the importance of providing accessible information. You will gain knowledge of how to produce information in different formats, for example Braille audio, symbols etc, and experience accessing these through the completion of various tasks under simulation.

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