Workforce Development

Henshaws recognises the importance of investing in our staff through training, qualifications and internal promotion

Our Workforce Development team Alice Metcalfe – Workforce Development Manager and Jess Trotter – Workforce Development Administrator are highly experienced in the training and development of our workforce.

Alice Metcalfe                    Workforce Development Manager
Jess Trotter                         Workforce Development     Administrator










  • Our employees, workers and Volunteers are Informed through accredited and bespoke training.
  • Henshaws staff are empowered with a range of qualifications.
  • Our staff are Inspired  and encouraged to seek Workplace Opportunites.

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All our employees, workers and volunteers complete training as standard in:

·         Disability Awareness Training
·         Health and Safety at Henshaws
·         Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
·         Safeguarding Children
·         Health and Safety Basics and Essentials
·         Equality and Diversity
·         GDPR
·         PREVENT

All roles within Henshaws are assigned role specific training to equip our employees with the best skills to do their job.

An example of the role specific training we offer our Care staff:

·         Assessing Mental Capacity
·         Care Planning
·         Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards
·         Dysphagia Awareness
·         Emergency First Aid
·         Epilepsy Awareness
·         Epilepsy with Buccal Midazolam
·         Epi-pen
·         Falls Prevention
·         First Aid at Work
·         Fluids and Nutrition
·         Handling Information in Care
·         Infection Prevention and Control
·         Intensive Interaction
·         Medication Awareness
·         Medication Management
·         Nebuliser Therapy
·         Oxygen Therapy
·         PEG Management
·         Person Centred Care
·         PRICE
·         Safer People Handling
·         Suction Training
·         Sighted Guide
·         Wheelchair Guide

Management Development Programme
14 Modules – Available to New managers, Existing managers and Aspiring managers.
Module 1: Introduction to Management; Values, Culture and Behaviours
Module 2: Right Time, Right Place, Right People
Module 3: Dealing with Grievances
Module 4: Budgets and Finance Management
Module 5: Disciplinaries and Investigations
Module 6: Health and Safety for Managers
Module 7: Supporting Success; PDRs, Talent and Succession
Module 8: Attendance and Leave
Module 9: Health and Wellbeing in the workplace; Stress Management and Initiatives
Module 10: Performance Improvement
Module 11: Workplace Relations; Bullying and Harassment
Module 12: Family Friendly
Module 13: Benefits of Employee Engagement; 6 Drivers
Module 14: Supporting Change; Organisational Design, Terms and Conditions and Communication

Henshaws recognises the value of a skilled workforce and offers qualifications and offers basic qualifications through to Masters.

An example of qualifications offered we offer our Care Staff:

Care Certificate

Diploma in Health and Social Care level 2 to 5

With a highly trained and experienced workforce Henshaws offers employees the opportunity to “Act Up” to gain experience in other positions within the Society with the ability to return to their original role.

An example of “Acting Up” roles currently undertaken by our Care staff:

Care Manager Roles


Job Coach

Therapy Assistants

Telephone 01423 886451


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