Henshaws lottery

Our weekly lottery is easy to play and can help do a whole lot of good! For as little as £1 you have the chance of winning up to £25,000, all whilst supporting our life-changing services across the North of England.

"The lottery is really worth signing up for, I only played to support the charity, I never thought I'd win! It feels nice to give back to such a great cause, it's so worthwhile!"

Aliesha, £25,000 winner

Bryony and Freddie

What is it?

We’ve partnered with Unity, the nation’s fundraising lottery scheme. From just £1 a week, you are entered into a weekly lottery where you can win up to £25,000. Every Friday, winners are selected by random and if your numbers match up, you are automatically sent your winnings:

  • For 6 correct digits, you can win an amazing £25,000
  • For 5 correct digits, you win £1000
  • For 4 digits, you win £25
  • For 3 digits, you win 5 extra entries for the next draw

You can read our gambling policy and vulnerable person policy in relation to our lottery.

Service user Karina with Mum and carer

How does it work?

51p of every £1 you play goes straight towards supporting our life-changing work, and the remaining 49p is used to provide prizes and cover administration costs.*

It’s a great way to win a substantial amount of money which can help you to go beyond expectations, whilst helping those with sight loss and other disabilities to go beyond expectations also!

To get involved enter online to sign up by direct debit. Thank you for playing!

* Last year our lottery proceeds were £125,711 – of that 52% was spent on our good cause work, 19% on prizes and 29% on expenses.

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Ben looking at smiling at sister Amy.

Amy & Ben's story

“We first discovered Ben had the condition when he was six months old, and it was Wendy who worked at the Manchester Royal Eye Hospital who first referred us to Henshaws. I realised earlier on with Amy that she had problems with her sight, as I recognised the same signs from having Ben.”

“There are so few children have visual impairments, which was why it was so valuable to get to discuss similar things with other families. You can feel a bit alone, because when other families talk about milestones, they’re different from your ones. When your child has a visual impairment, it might take them a bit longer to get to grips with the world around them.”

Read Amy & Ben's story as told by mum Lorraine