Henshaws College commits to reducing restrictive practice

Henshaws Specialist College is dedicated to reducing restrictive practice and has been working hard for a number of years to embed the very best practice into its ethos and daily life.

We have welcomed the increased commitment from central government to this very important topic and are now committed to meeting the new ‘National Minimum Standards Organisational Restraint Reduction’ set out by the Restraint Reduction Network

We have already started the exciting journey to meet and exceed these standards. We would be very happy to share our plans and/or work collaboratively with Stakeholders and other providers to support them, where we can, to join us in meeting these standards. We will be contacting key stakeholders to invite them to be part of our RRN board, a strategic board that will be committed to planning, influencing and embedding these changes.

Below are the main targets the college have set in a 6-part priority pledge to instigate profound and sustainable change.

Priority 1:  Leadership and Governance

To ensure Henshaws Specialist College continues to embed and develop a positive culture which is centred on reinforcing, supporting and developing the positive behaviour of their staff and students.

Priority 2:  Using data to inform practice

To fully review and analyse the data produced from behavioural incidents to ensure that reporting procedures, including incidents which were successfully supported by staff or near misses, are used as a learning tool to avoid the use of future restrictive interventions.

Priority 3:  Staff training and development

Embed our commitment to ensuring that our teams are trained in Positive Approaches to Challenging Behaviour, trauma informed care, and Positive Behavioural Support. To continue receiving specialist support by our PBS team and any other evidence-based therapies.

Priority 4: Preventative Measures and personalised support

Ensure that the Specialist College integrates and makes use of evidence based interventions to create bespoke and proactive programmes for our students.

Priority 5: Involving those who receive your services

To ensure that the student’s College experience is personalised and student centred (paper work such as application form written to students etc) and increase the validity of student placements by identifying what meaningful goals they hope to achieve.

Priority 6: Continuous improvement

To increase accountability and participation by staff across the organisation in the reduction of restraint.

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