Ann’s Story


Ann Collins, an 81-year-old woman from Harwood, Bolton, enjoys being with people and organising activities for them. She worked for 40 years managing two homes for the elderly and took them on holiday twice a year, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Before that, she was a receptionist for a GP for 19 years, finding satisfaction in her work.

Ann was diagnosed with glaucoma long ago, but it didn’t bother her during her working years. After retirement, she developed macular issues in both eyes, leading to partial blindness. She now wears anti-glare glasses, but her eyesight continues to decline, making it challenging for her to see faces and recognise people.

Despite these challenges, Ann remains independent and tries to do things on her own. She relies on family and friends for transportation since she had to give up driving. Ann is grateful for their support and the ring and ride service, which helps her get around.

Ann is actively involved in volunteering and used to help with various activities before the pandemic. She looks forward to resuming volunteering at the hub and organising exercise classes and trips. She is also a volunteer for Sightline, a befriending service, where she offers advice and companionship to those in need.

Technology is a bit of a challenge for Ann, but she attends Tech Talk sessions to learn about new gadgets and tools that can assist people with visual impairments. She emphasises the importance of taking advantage of organisations like Henshaws to get help and support, as they provide talking watches, clocks, and other useful devices for free.

In conclusion, Ann Collins is an inspiring individual who remains active, positive, and engaged despite her visual impairment and arthritis. She finds joy in being with people, helping others, and staying involved in her community through volunteering. She encourages others to seek support and make the best of their situations, just as she does in her own life.

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