Life Hacks

Henshaws’ useful tips, tricks and tech for living with a visual impairment. Our short Life Hack films and eBook aim to support those living with sight loss to lead a more independent life.

  • using an afro comb to chop a tomato

    Top 10 Home Adaptations for Visual Impairment

    Posted Sep 2022
  • Reading Braille

    Our guide to creating accessible documents

    Posted Jul 2022
  • Microwave with aids to help a visually impaired user

    Accessible microwaves: What’s on the market?

    Posted Mar 2022
  • Egg being cracked

    Cooking Tips | Egg Cracker

    Posted Oct 2021
  • Cooking Tips 1 water boil alert disc

    Cooking Tips | Water Boil Alert Disc

    Posted Sep 2021
  • Mark with a box of eggs. Text says: Learning braille with eggs.

    Teaching Braille | How can eggs help?

    Posted Mar 2021
  • using an afro comb to chop a tomato

    Cooking with Sight Loss: how to chop veg safely

    Posted Nov 2020
  • Tips and tricks for living with visual impairment

    52 tips and tricks for living with a visual impairment

    Posted Aug 2020
  • afro comb inserted into a tomato to demonstrate assisted chopping with a knife

    6 ‘Accidentally’ accessible products for sight loss

    Posted Aug 2020
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