Cooking Tips | Egg Cracker

In the final part of our three week series on cooking tips, Mark demonstrates the egg cracker, a tool you can use to easily get the top off a boiled egg.


This video discusses cooking tips and introduces a useful tool called the “Egg Cracker.” Mark explains that the Egg Cracker is designed to make it easier to open boiled eggs, especially for individuals with sight loss or those who find it challenging to remove the top of a boiled egg.

The Egg Cracker works by placing it over the boiled egg and using a plunger to hit the top of the egg, creating a neat ridge around the shell. This ridge allows for easy removal of the eggshell. The presenter demonstrates the process and successfully opens the boiled egg using the Egg Cracker.

Throughout the mini-series, we have shared various kitchen tips, including using a boiled alert disc, a basket for handling hot food, and a firmness flask. The Egg Cracker is the last item featured in this series, and while it may seem quirky, Mark praises its effectiveness.

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