Cooking with Sight Loss: how to chop veg safely

Chopping fruit and veg with no vision or low vision can be dangerous. Watch this super tip from Mark and you’ll be chopping safely, using an afro comb!


In this video Mark demonstrates a practical technique for individuals with sight loss and disabilities to chop vegetables safely.

Mark introducing the utensil he will be using – an afro comb made of stainless steel, which is a cost-effective option for around £1. They emphasise using stainless steel since it can withstand the acidity of fruits and other substances while cutting.

To demonstrate the chopping method, Mark has various fruits and vegetables at hand, including a tomato, cucumber, and an onion. He place a tomato on the cutting surface and use the afro comb as a guide for the knife. By pushing down and slicing through the gaps in the comb, he achieves neat and even slices without putting his hands in harm’s way.

The same technique is applied to the cucumber, yielding evenly cut slices as well. Mark also show how to chop an onion by placing it in the gap created by halving the onion and then slicing through the comb.

Throughout the demonstration, Mark highlights the safety and efficiency of using the afro comb as a guide, ensuring there is no risk of cuts or injuries during the chopping process.

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