In Your Pocket

In Your Pocket is a media device and voice activated mobile phone which includes audio books, newspapers, podcasts, weather, time and location, as well as basic phone functionality. Mark tests out the different features to see how it works.


In Your Pocket is a voice-operated device designed to support individuals with sight loss and disabilities. The device resembles a mobile phone but is primarily tailored for accessing books, newspapers, and podcasts. Developed in collaboration with the RNIB, it boasts an extensive library of thousands of audio books, making it a mobile library of sorts. In addition to books, the device provides access to a range of newspapers, magazines, and podcasts.

The device is fully voice-activated, eliminating the need for typing, and aside from an activation button, all functions are controlled by voice commands, including making calls on its limited mobile phone feature. While it allows users to text and make calls, it lacks internet browsing and email capabilities, functioning more like a dumbed-down phone rather than a smartphone.

In a video, Mark showcases how to access books by a specific author, exemplifying the device’s user-friendly voice command system. Furthermore, he showcases the ability to access articles from newspapers such as The Guardian and play podcasts like The Archers.

The device has received positive feedback, particularly for its functionality with audio books, newspapers, magazines, and podcasts. Those interested in these features can find value in In Your Pocket.

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