Teaching Braille | How can eggs help?

Using some pretty ordinary, everyday items, Mark shows a way in which hands on learners can be taught the Braille alphabet and numerals!

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This video. introduces a unique method of teaching Braille using eggs. Before delving into the egg technique, he provides a brief history of Braille, which was introduced by French professor Louis Braille in 1824 to enable blind people to read.

The concept of using eggs to teach Braille stems from the need to homeschool a blind child. Braille is a tactile system represented by a matrix of six dots. Belcher demonstrates how an egg carton can serve as a perfect example of this six-dot matrix. Alternatively, other objects like golf balls or tennis balls can be placed in a baking tray with indents, simulating the Braille dots.

For those who prefer not to use real eggs due to fragility concerns, Mark suggests blowing the yolk out of the egg by creating small holes in the top and bottom. This leaves the eggshell empty and more durable for teaching Braille.

The video promotes the use of eggs as a simple, accessible, and cost-effective teaching tool, especially during the challenging times faced by many. By using everyday items like eggs and egg cartons, people can help others learn Braille effectively.

The video concludes by encouraging viewers to subscribe, like, and comment if they found the content helpful. Additionally, there’s an accompanying PDF on Unified English Braille (UEB), including examples of the alphabet and numbers, so viewers can start learning Braille on their own. Henshaws Knowledge Village aims to support individuals with sight loss and various disabilities, offering valuable educational resources like this video.

In summary, the video highlights a creative approach to teaching Braille using eggs and demonstrates its potential impact on enabling blind individuals to read and learn in innovative ways.

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