Arthur’s Story


In this video Arthur shares his personal experience with severe damage to his optic nerves, resulting in complete vision loss in his right eye and limited peripheral vision with no actual sight in his left eye. The loss of vision was caused by ischaemia and tempular arthritis, which led to inflammation and restricted blood flow to his eyes.

Arthur recounts the challenges he faced in adjusting to living without vision, including a loss of independence and self-confidence. Despite the trauma and psychological struggles, he managed to cope by throwing himself into new endeavours and setting goals to maintain a positive outlook. He devoted himself to learning how to use a computer without sight, seeking support from organisations like RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People) and local charities.

To regain some of the social aspects he missed, Arthur got involved in the sport of golf through the British Blind Golf Society. He also discovered the benefits of using a smartphone and various assistive technologies, which greatly enhanced his mobility and independence.

Throughout his journey, Arthur emphasises the importance of seeking help, advice, and support from others who have experienced visual impairment themselves. He also highlights the significance of empathy and understanding from sighted individuals when offering assistance to those with vision challenges.

Despite the ongoing challenges, Arthur’s story reveals how determination, support from family and friends, and embracing new technologies can significantly improve the quality of life for individuals living with visual impairment.

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