Dave M’s Story


In this video Dave Mulligan, a 68-year-old man, shares his experiences with sight loss due to glaucoma and other conditions affecting his eyes.

Dave’s vision challenges began with glaucoma, but he also has other issues, such as a very little optic nerve, double vision, sensitivity to light, and difficulty seeing in dim lighting. Initially, he didn’t notice significant impacts on his lifestyle after undergoing LASIK surgery and using eye drops for glaucoma.

However, as time passed, Dave started experiencing more pronounced difficulties recognising people and objects. One incident in a classroom left him terrified, unsure of what was happening to him. Over the years, his vision loss has been gradual, allowing him to adapt to the changes in his daily life.

One of the hardest aspects of having a disability, Dave explains, is the impact it can have on friends and family. While he initially tried to downplay his visual challenges, he eventually embraced using a symbol cane, which helped him and his friends adjust to the reality of his visual impairment. He found the cane empowering, as it allowed people to offer help willingly, providing a sense of fulfilment for both parties.

Dave also highlights the common misconception that being registered blind means complete blackness and emphasises the importance of educating others about different degrees of visual impairment.

Despite facing difficulties in expressing his challenges to his grown-up children, Dave finds comfort and strength in his spiritual beliefs, which have been a significant source of support throughout his journey.

Remaining active and adventurous, Dave embarked on an incredible 900-mile walk from Cape Wrath to Dungeness, showcasing how technology and determination have helped him tackle physical challenges despite his visual impairment.

He concludes by expressing gratitude for the support and encouragement received from Henshaws, an organisation that supports people with sight loss and disabilities, and urges viewers to contribute to their cause so they can continue helping others.

Dave’s story exemplifies resilience and determination in the face of sight loss, offering inspiration to others coping with similar challenges.

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