Do blind men sit down to pee? 

Do partially sighted and blind men sit down to pee? And why are we even talking about it? It’s an everyday problem that affects all men with sight loss, but often people are too embarrassed to discuss it.


In this video, two men, Dave and Mike, who have experienced vision loss, discuss whether they sit down or stand up to pee. Before losing his sight, Dave used to stand, but his wife suggested he sit down due to his inaccurate aim. Initially hesitant, he eventually adapted to sitting down and found it more practical. Mike’s friends frequently teased him about his messy bathroom habits, prompting him to start sitting down as well.

Interestingly, Mark, who is not visually impaired, also admits to sitting down to pee since he was young. He learned that it’s called “Sitzpinkler” and is a common practice in Germany, where boys are taught to sit down to urinate. The conversation humorously reveals that this is a personal preference, and some men choose to sit, while others continue to stand.

The video aims to break down stereotypes and barriers surrounding this topic. It emphasises that personal preferences are entirely acceptable, regardless of sight loss or cultural practices. The light-hearted discussion challenges traditional notions of masculinity, showing that there’s no fixed way to handle this daily routine.

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