Hadisa’s Story


In this video Hadisa Hussein, a 25-year-old from Afghanistan, shares her inspiring journey of overcoming facial deformity and visual impairment to achieve her goals and independence.

Hadisa was born during a war, and her facial disfigurement affected her eyesight severely. Growing up without adequate support, she faced challenges in school, struggling to read the board or textbooks without assistance. Despite these obstacles, she persevered and completed her education with determination.

Moving to England in 2014 and settling in Manchester in 2017, Hadisa enrolled in college and received invaluable support from her teachers and support worker, Cordelia. With their help, she pursued her studies passionately, aiming to excel and go to university.

Despite her visual impairment, Hadisa engaged in various hobbies, such as writing poems and short stories and reading books. She used magnifiers and audiobooks to aid her reading process. One of her favourite college assignments involved producing and analysing her own poems.

Hadisa shared a funny incident where she accidentally drank nail varnish remover, leading to a family anecdote.

Throughout her journey, Hadisa emphasises the importance of staying true to oneself and working hard regardless of others’ perceptions. She encourages people with disabilities or those who feel different to embrace their uniqueness and use their hearts and minds positively to achieve their goals.

Her story highlights the significance of supportive communities, and she expresses gratitude for the help she received from organisations like Henshaws, who provided technology training and assistance in navigating her college route.

In summary, Hadisa’s story is an uplifting tale of resilience, determination, and self-acceptance in the face of challenges posed by sight loss and facial deformity. Her positive outlook and willingness to work hard have empowered her to regain her confidence and independence, inspiring others to do the same.

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