Introducing Be My Eyes

Watch a live demo showing how to use the ‘Be My Eyes’ app, a handy tool for anyone with sight loss to get assistance with things they are encountering in day to day living.


“Be My Eyes” is a smartphone app designed to support people with visual impairments by connecting them with volunteers who can see through their phone’s camera.

Be My Eyes is specifically available for Apple phones, but the developers are working towards making it accessible to Android users as well. The app functions by allowing volunteers with sight to lend their assistance to visually impaired users. Volunteers enable Voice Only mode on their phones, enabling real-time communication with the visually impaired individuals. Through the camera on the visually impaired person’s phone, volunteers can see what the person is facing and help them navigate through various challenges.

With over 300,000 volunteers available 24/7, Be My Eyes has become increasingly popular since its launch around 2016. The video’s host has personal experience as a volunteer and shares heartwarming anecdotes about helping two visually impaired individuals. In one instance, he assisted a man in a burger bar who wanted to know the cheapest item on the menu. In another touching story, he helped a woman find her wedding ring on a hotel room carpet.

During the video, a live demo call is made, with the host pretending to be visually impaired, while the volunteer on the other end helps identify products. The interaction showcases how simple and effective the app can be in everyday situations.

Be My Eyes not only allows visually impaired individuals to gain much-needed assistance but also creates a sense of community by connecting them with willing volunteers.

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