Lora’s Story


In this video Lora, a 31-year-old woman, shares her story about living with a genetic sight loss condition. Her whole family, including her mother and two brothers, also have the condition. Although the specific cause is unknown, the condition affects the retina, resulting in degenerative sight loss. Lora’s vision has deteriorated since she was five years old, and currently, she can only perceive light and dark with some ability to see shadows, but it is not useful for daily tasks.

Growing up in a family with sight loss, Lora mentions that they have a close support network, allowing them to assist each other when needed. She is a paracyclist and believes that her visual impairment has enabled her to participate in Paralympics and have a guide dog as a constant companion, which she loves.

However, socially interacting with sighted people can be challenging for Lora. Initiating conversations without eye contact becomes difficult, making it somewhat isolating. Nevertheless, she met her husband, who is also visually impaired, through sports and found comfort and understanding in their shared experiences.

Lora talks about her experiences at university and how her guide dog served as an icebreaker, helping her make new friends. She emphasises the importance of laughter in coping with daily challenges caused by her sight loss. While she faces occasional difficulties, she is determined not to let her condition limit her life and strives to broaden people’s perceptions about living with visual impairment.

Moving to new places and dealing with unfamiliar environments can be intimidating, but Lora advises taking it one step at a time, problem-solving, and being patient with oneself. She encourages others with sight loss to ask for help without feeling ashamed, as seeking support is essential in overcoming challenges.

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