Andrew’s Story

Andrew started Henshaws Arts and Craft Centre in May 2021. He was relatively shy and a little nervous when he first joined, but soon found his passion in the woodwork team and began to flourish. Helping make our beautiful bird boxes, bird tables, benches and plant baskets. He has a particular flair for sawing and drilling the wood and can be heard telling everyone he needs to be ‘careful of his fingers’.

‘Andrew settled relatively quickly into the centre, his enthusiasm rarely waivers and he’s always ready to start the day with a smile on his face.’
Alan Stimpson, Woodwork Leader

To begin with Andrew only wanted to take part in our woodwork sessions, however a few months after he started he joined our horticulture workshop and realised that he could use his talents across many parts of the centre. He loves to water the plants we have for sale and helps keep the outside of the centre looking clean and tidy.

He has recently turned his hand to pottery too, making all sorts of ornaments with the help of one of our volunteers John. From castles to cars he has started to become more and more independent in the making of his pottery pieces.

Once they are all painted and fired Andrews favourite past time is showing them off to all the art makers, staff and the public too. It’s wonderful to see him become so proud of the work he creates.

It has been a joy to see him grow both in confidence and ability in the time he has been here.

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