Bolton Match Funding Appeal

Everyone is trying to make their money go further right now. Between now and 1st April, every donation* towards our work in Bolton, will be matched and funded, by a local businessman.

In Bolton, to support those of all ages with sight loss, we offer counselling, training, support, companionship and practical tips to assist with everyday tasks. Your donation will go a long way to supporting those in your local community living with sight loss.

“When I received my diagnosis I felt so scared and could only focus on all the things I thought I might lose. The counselling helped me focus on what I can still do and how to change my negative thoughts into positive ones. Through my 1-1 digital assessment I was given lots of tools and tips to get me back to work and get on with my life. I cannot thank Henshaws enough”

How your donation could make a difference:

£5,000 would be worth £10,000 which would fund all of our social activities in Bolton for 8 weeks, supporting 240 service users giving them the opportunity to develop new friendships to help elevate feelings of isolation and learn new skills to help grow their confidence and independence

£1,000 would be worth £2,000 which would fund 40 1-1 digital assessments where our staff can offer a wide range of products and solutions to help perform everyday activities as well as 1-1 technical training to open up new opportunities of communication and support

£500 would be worth £1,000 which would fund 30 counselling sessions, helping our service users come to terms with their diagnosis and process their emotions and feelings

£250 would be worth £500 which would fund a Bolton member of staff help 8 individuals put together a Pathway to Independence which enables those with sight loss to make informed choices and plans for their future

£100 would be worth £200 which would fund a six week Living Well with Sight Loss for 2 service users, providing them with information about their visual impairment and how to make everyday life easier

£50 would be worth £100 which would fund all our activities at the Bolton Hub for a week for 6 service users from the local community giving them the opportunity to develop their independence and confront the challenges of sight loss in a confident, positive manner

£25 would be worth £50 which would fund 2 months’ worth of activities and support for a young person, allowing them the chance to meet other young people with visual impairments and learn skills to support their independence.

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