David’s Story

David has been part of Henshaws for 13 years now. He is one of our most diverse artmakers, participating in drama, music, pottery and paper as well as helping out in our cafe.

David helps out in the Cafe on a Wednesday morning. His favourite part is collecting all the dirty mugs and washing them up! 

In our drama workshop David has started to really get to grips with his makaton signing. He’s come on so much in the past year, to the point where he is now demonstrating and encouraging other art makers to communicate this way. It’s a wonderful thing to see. 

David and John are working together on a large plant pot covering it in blue and green spots

In pottery he loves to paint the things he makes. We are currently working on a beach theme and he has made some lovely beach umbrellas. He has also collaborated with other art makers on projects in pottery including a huge plant pot he decorated with John.

His favourite part of paper is also painting all his creations. He’s never happier than when he’s got a paintbrush in his hand bopping along to his favourite songs! 

Music is something David simply cannot live without. He has to be listening, dancing and singing along to something.In music he gets his chance to really shine. Belting out songs by steps and west life he gets into his groove and it is guaranteed to lift anyones spirits!

Henshaws graphic with pink and purple shapes

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