Holly’s Hidden Talents

In this Blog you can read about Art Maker Holly’s story of starting at the Arts and Crafts Centre and discovering her talents.

Holly recently joined the Arts and Crafts Centre as an Art Maker.

When she was younger Holly enjoyed taking part in sports and physical activities but due to her disability she had to stop, this is when she turned her passions to music and arts and crafts.

Unbelievably Holly didn’t paint much before attending the centre. Here she tells us a little bit about one of the first painting she did of a Knaresborough river scene.

Holly’s Story

We asked Holly to tell us a bit more about how she felt when she began painting and discovering that she has a real hidden talent for it..

She said:

“I was a bit cross when I first started painting because I didn’t think it looked very good, but as I did more of it i thought it started looking better. When I started this painting, I wasn’t really looking at the photograph but the more I paid attention to the original picture I realised how important it was.

I had never really painted before coming to Henshaws, and I have really enjoyed finding this new talent. I’m very messy so my mum doesn’t let me paint at home much, it’s not fun if it’s not messy though! So, I have painted more at Henshaws than ever before”.

‘Attending Henshaws gives me something to do and keeps me engaged whilst learning new skills and expressing my creativity and I’m also learning to play the electric guitar with Rufus.’

Lizzie our Retail workshop assistant said “Holly is a bright, energetic, enthusiastic funny and all-round fabulous member of the Henshaws family! She never ever has a frown or a bad thing to say about anything, she is a little ray of sunshine.

I teach Holly in the shop on a Monday and a Friday, we have learnt how to work with money, use the till, worked on Holly’s communication skills, and let me tell you, once she starts talking, you cannot get her to stop. I am unbelievably proud of how much Holly has come on since starting here in June, she has immense talent. A wonderful painter and an incredible singer. She works so hard and puts her all into absolutely everything”.

We think you will agree that it is amazing to see the journey of self-discovery Holly has had in such a short amount of time, discovering her hidden talents and finding joy in new pursuits.

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