Paul’s Story

Meet Paul. Instead of us telling you all how amazing he is, why not listen to Pauls story in his own words…

I can only see a little bit, when the sun shines too bright I cant see anything. I was born partially sighted. Darkness is better for me, I can see where I’m going when its not sunny. I was born in Sandyford in Newcastle, we lived there for quite a long time. But I’ve moved to Harrogate and live with Andrew, sam and Andy from Henshaws.

I cant remember how long I’ve been here, I think I started in 2000. I think Shirley was here when I first started and so was Clare from the office. Alan was here too who runs woodwork, thats where I started actually, I started in Alans workshop. Then I heard this music and it was actually coming from the music workshop and I asked if I could go in there. 

I used to be not very good with change, now I can deal with it a bit better. It makes me quite anxious when someones off and if I don’t know who’s covering. All the instructors are quite nice though.

Well I come here because I enjoy coming here, and I get more joyful when I come into workshops.

Shirley (the mosaic lead) is my favourite, she’s very understanding. There was one time I didn’t know anything about her workshop and she got all the work together and sat down with me and showed me it all.

My right hand isn’t as strong so I can only work my other hand, people help me with that, it makes me relax more. I do paper, music and mosaic. When I first came into paper, I didn’t know anything about how to make things out of paper. Then Sharon showed me how to use paste and all different kinds of paint. Now I really enjoy doing it.

Shaughans good too, I didn’t know how to use a microphone and he showed me, showed me how to not speak too close to the microphone, and now you can’t get me off it, I like to do the announcements at our events and stuff. I’d like to thank everyone for still making me welcome and safe at the Arts and Crafts Centre.

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