Poem for World Autism Day

Sophie is an SEN Support Worker at Henshaws Specialist College. She recently wrote a poem book called changes for ages and has shared this poem about autism with us.

An insight into me

If I don’t understand I easily cry

Wish I could tell you, I just don’t know why

Sometimes when you speak to me I don’t understand

I’m not like the others sometimes I need a hand

I like routine and when things are the same

Things and routine changes drive me insane

If I don’t speak to you give me time and wait

There are other ways I like to communicate

Such as laughing, screaming and making loud sounds

I express myself through movement I like spinning around

It’s hard to sit when I want to adventure and play

And explore the world and environment in my way

Things don’t look the same from you and me

When I see a forest you just see a tree

I hear all the noise all around

When you can barely hear a sound

I explore through my touch and taste

And its okay that I make mistakes

There is so much to talk about my touch

Sometimes the textures can get to much

At times I might seem bad to you

But I’m just thinking of all the things I can do

You can not hide me and make me like you

Because I’m unique and there is me and only a few.

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