Henshaws and JMW partnership

Henshaws is delighted to announce a new corporate partnership with JMW Solicitors who are based in Manchester, Liverpool and London.

JMW will be supporting Henshaws through a number of activities such as volunteering, fundraising and taking part in our challenge events. They are also raising funds for Henshaws at their annual fundraiser to be held this October.

This partnership is the start of a wonderful relationship with businesses like JMW who actively want to make a difference in their community.

Mel Scholefield, Fundraising Manager, Manchester.

As part of their continued commitment to supporting our people living with sight loss, many of the solicitors at JMW have attended visual impairment awareness training delivered by Henshaws. As a business, they are making positive steps to make their services as accessible as possible when working on behalf of people with a visual impairment.

JMW is proud to be a corporate partner of Henshaws, and over the next year, hope to really make a difference to support people living with sight loss.

Kimberley Peet, Associate Solicitor, JMW.

JMW Solicitors is also available to provide legal advice on issues such as inadequate medical care, personal injury and will writing services. A discount is also being provided on will writing by JMW to Henshaws’ supporters and service users. We are so looking forward to working in partnership with JMW Solicitors over the coming year.

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