School Partnership: Henshaws and Ashville

Our commitment to creativity and inclusivity shines brightly as we proudly announce our school partnership with Ashville College, placing their transformative arts and crafts programme at the forefront for the entirety of 2024.

Last year, we launched our ’12 Days of Giving Appeal’, this initiative invites our local community to rally behind a diverse range of creative workshops. These workshops encompass performing arts, music, woodwork, pottery, horticulture, mosaics, printing, and jewellery-making, bridging the gap between ability and disability.

We’re excited to announce the students’ fantastic support. They’ve raised nearly £400 through Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Thanksgiving events. Inspired by this, school leaders have chosen our appeal as their 2024 cause. Their goal is to fund essential materials for Henshaws’ workshops.

Catherine Frieze, Ashville’s Chaplain, praised Henshaws’ impact on overcoming challenges faced by Art Makers. Motivated by this, Ashville students have been volunteering in drama, art, and jewellery-making. Their contributions have been significant, and we’re thankful for their help.

But the collaboration doesn’t stop there, we envision further enriching experiences that allow our young Ashvillians and Henshaws Art Makers to mutually learn and grow. Catherine shared her delightful experience participating in a drama workshop with the Art Makers, emphasizing the invaluable lessons from such collaborative encounters.

Looking ahead, their plans include Henshaws musicians collaborating with Ashville’s Megaband, a large ensemble of talented instrumentalists from the College. Miss Anna Wilby, the Deputy Head Co-curricular and Head of Music at Ashville, will guide the joint performance preparations at Henshaws.

Meanwhile for drama enthusiasts among the Art Makers, Mr. Karl Boyd, Director of Performing Arts at Ashville, will lead engaging workshops in the College’s ‘black box’ Drama Studio during the Summer term.

Furthermore, we’re excited to announce a pop-up clothes and accessories stall at the Arts Centre in June. Donated items from Ashville pupils will be sorted and displayed. Their fabulous pupil volunteers aiding the Art Makers in running the shop, raising essential funds for the charity.

Mrs. Frieze encapsulated their motivation, stating, “Henshaws unwavering belief in the potential of every individual resonated deeply with our charity team, leading us to champion the ’12 Days of Giving Appeal’ this year.”

The 150 Art Makers, attending our workshops, discover and hone their talents across 12 diverse sessions. Also Gemma Young, Henshaws Fundraising Development Manager, aptly puts it, “Participation not only transforms lives but empowers Art Makers to influence society’s perception of their abilities.”

Beyond these workshops, the Arts and Crafts Centre stands as a vibrant community hub. It’s a place where creativity thrives, friendships blossom, and opportunities abound. In this inclusive space, everyone is encouraged to work at their own pace, fostering genuine connections.

Partnerships like ours with Ashville College play a pivotal role in dismantling barriers and celebrating diversity. It’s in these safe and nurturing environments that lasting friendships are forged, enriching the lives of Art Makers and volunteers alike.

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