New accessible software for visually impaired people

Ken from Synapptic discusses accessible Android software for visually impaired users.


Ken, a representative from Synapptic, a company specialising in assistive technology software for smartphones and tablets, presents their product designed to make Android devices accessible to visually impaired users. The software is fully customisable and can cater to users with low vision or no sight at all.

During the demonstration, Ken showcases a Samsung S3 phone with the Synapptic software installed. The software allows users to customise settings such as colour schemes, font size, and icon appearance to suit their individual needs. It also enables users to adjust speed and volume settings.

Ken explains that the software relies on touchscreen interaction, which can be challenging for visually impaired individuals. However, Synapptic has designed a user-friendly interface that allows users to perform tasks with just one or two simple actions. For example, tapping on the screen’s top option initiates a call without the need for complex gestures.

The software also features speech recognition capabilities, making it accessible to both visually impaired and blind users. By using speech, individuals can compose text messages, emails, and perform web searches effortlessly. Additionally, the software includes a scan and read feature, allowing users to scan text, which the device then reads back to them. It also incorporates a CCTV magnifier to assist with viewing objects or documents.

Ken emphasises that Synapptic’s software is not limited to making phone calls but turns Android devices into fully functional smart devices with features like calendar, address book, alarms, and more—all tailored to be easily accessible.

To wrap up the demonstration, Ken encourages interested individuals to reach out to local Henshaw centres for more information about Synapptic products. Brochures and devices may be available at some centres for users to experience the software hands-on. For those unable to visit the centres, contacting Henshaw centres directly will provide access to further details and assistance.

In conclusion, Synapptic’s accessible Android software presents a user-friendly and customisable solution for visually impaired individuals, empowering them to utilise smartphones and tablets with ease and efficiency.

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