How do you clean your teeth with no vision?

Check out Mark’s top tips in the teeth cleaning department if you have little or no vision.


This video the focus is on brushing teeth for individuals with visual impairments.

Mark begins by discussing toothbrushes, emphasising the importance of contrast for those with limited vision. A black toothbrush is easier to see than a white one, making it a helpful option for individuals with visual challenges.

Moving on to toothbrushing techniques, Mark acknowledges that brushing teeth requires significant eye-to-hand coordination, which can be difficult for some individuals. To address this issue, he shares two life hacks. The first is to directly put the toothpaste in the mouth, but he admits this may not be practical for everyone. The second hack involves squeezing toothpaste onto one’s finger, putting it in the mouth, and then brushing the teeth. This alternative method may be more accessible for those with coordination difficulties.

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