Accessible TV: using a smart speaker

In this video, Mark demonstrates how you can operate your tv using just a smart speaker, in this case, Amazon Alexa. This service is compatible with most smart TVs and Smart Speaker combos.


In this video from Henshaws Knowledge Village, Mark Belcher demonstrates the accessibility of televisions using smart speakers, specifically a Panasonic TV connected to an Alexa device via Wi-Fi. The setup process was straightforward, using an affordable Alexa Echo.

Mark showcases several functions using voice commands through the Alexa device. To start, he asks Alexa to turn on the television, and it promptly complies. He then demonstrates changing channels, showing that Alexa not only changes the channel but also announces the programme that is currently playing. Additionally, Mark highlights an interesting feature on Freeview, where the TV shows a playlist for the current channel, allowing users to navigate and select content with ease.

Next, he explores further commands, such as muting the television, pausing and rewinding live TV, and increasing the volume, all of which Alexa accomplishes effortlessly. He also switches the television to HDMI 2 and eventually turns it off using voice commands.

Mark emphasises the convenience and accessibility of this setup, making it particularly useful for individuals with visual impairments or disabilities. He encourages viewers to share and subscribe while offering support through donations to continue creating helpful videos for people with sight loss and other disabilities.

Overall, the video serves as a concise and practical guide for using smart speakers, specifically Alexa, to control accessible televisions, making TV viewing more user-friendly and enjoyable for a wider range of users.

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