Freeview Channel 555 | The Audio Described TV guide

This video Mark shows us the audio described TV guide, available in the United Kingdom on Freeview channel 555. The channel is dedicated to providing an accessible version of the standard electronic programme guide (EPG) for users and comes at no extra costs on selected Freeview devices.

To see the list of Freeview devices this service is available on, please follow this link –

This video is not audio described (AD). To view a version of this video with AD, please follow the link the Youtube Description or save to your library.


The video, hosted by Mark Belcher, discusses a program guide designed for individuals with sight loss on Freeview Channel 555. This new feature allows users to navigate their television program guide through speech, making it more accessible and convenient for visually impaired viewers.

To access the Audio Described TV guide on Freeview Channel 555, viewers can press the “5” button on their remote or use an Amazon Alexa device to command their TV to tune in to the channel. Once on the channel, the program guide appears with large text on a black background, providing high contrast for better readability. The guide offers options to set preferences for audio-described programs, subtitled content, and sign language interpretation.

Mark demonstrates navigating through the program guide using audio cues, giving viewers detailed explanations of the features available. The guide includes an eight-day diary of events, displaying programs for today, tomorrow, and the week ahead. Channels are listed horizontally, and the specific programs and their details are displayed vertically, making it easy for users to select their desired content.

Mark shows how to browse through the programs, select a channel, and access detailed program information. The guide supports text-to-speech functionality, allowing the user to hear program details, and it offers various voice options, including male and female voices, and adjustable speech speeds.

In summary, the Freeview Channel 555’s Audio Described TV guide is a highly beneficial feature for individuals with sight loss, providing them with greater independence in navigating and accessing TV content. It offers a user-friendly interface with audio descriptions, making it easier for visually impaired viewers to find and enjoy their favorite programs.

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