Joan’s Story


In this video Joan, a 69-year-old woman, shares her experience with sight loss due to macular degeneration and glaucoma. She explains how these conditions have affected her central vision, causing distortion, blurriness, and objects disappearing when she tries to read or navigate, particularly while crossing roads.

Joan also talks about her experience with Charles Bonnet syndrome, a condition that causes hallucinations. Initially, she was puzzled by these hallucinations, but with the help of her son and the internet, she learned about the syndrome and decided to document her hallucinations through drawings and paintings. Through this creative expression, she gained insight into her own experiences and felt it was crucial to share her story to raise awareness about Charles Bonnet syndrome and provide support to others who may be experiencing it.

The impact of Joan’s sight loss goes beyond the physical challenges. It has affected her hobbies, like knitting, crocheting, and painting. However, she found a renewed passion for painting due to her experiences with Charles Bonnet syndrome, which has become a significant outlet for her emotions and creativity.

Joan encourages others who have recently been diagnosed with sight loss not to give up and to adapt their daily routines. She shares practical tips, such as using pre-chopped ingredients for cooking, to make life more manageable. She also emphasises the importance of seeking support, as her family has been concerned about her well-being and has become more involved in helping her with daily tasks.

In conclusion, Joan’s story sheds light on the challenges faced by individuals with sight loss and Charles Bonnet syndrome. It highlights the power of creative expression and the significance of support from loved ones in coping with such conditions. Joan’s message aims to raise awareness, foster understanding, and encourage others not to let sight loss limit their lives.

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