Household solutions: using pegs and bands

This week Mark shares a tip he’s picked up for keeping pairs of items that could easily run astray together, the same trick can be applied to items that feel the same but appear differently – i.e. shampoo and conditioner bottles!

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The video begins with an introduction to Henshaws Knowledge Village, a resource for expert information and advice on sight loss. Mark proceeds to demonstrate various ways in which simple household items like clothes pegs and elastic bands can be utilised to keep things organised.

The first tip is for keeping shoes together. By using a clothes peg, you can attach shoes to each other, preventing them from getting mixed up. Next, Mark shows how elastic bands can be wrapped around pairs of socks, ensuring they stay together during washing, and preventing the issue of odd socks.

He moves on to using elastic bands to differentiate between similar items. Mark demonstrates this by placing an elastic band around a bottle of hot sauce, making it easily distinguishable from a similar-looking sauce bottle. This technique can also be applied to shampoo and conditioner bottles, simplifying identification.

The video concludes with another example of using an elastic band to differentiate between identical salt and pepper pots. By implementing this simple solution, one can easily identify which is which.

Mark emphasises that these household solutions are easy and effective for anyone, including those with sight loss or other disabilities.

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