Apple Accessibility: Larger text

In this Video, Mark demonstrates the Larger Font feature on Apple’s accessibility settings.


This video provides a brief tutorial on how to increase the text size on Apple devices for visually impaired users. Mark explains the process step-by-step.

The video begins with an introduction to the topic, emphasising the importance of accessibility for individuals with visual impairments. The narrator mentions that the process is simple and quick, aimed at magnifying text on the screens of Apple devices like iPhones and iPads.

To access the text size settings, users need to navigate to the “Settings” section of their Apple device and select “Accessibility.” Within the accessibility settings, they can find the option “Display and Text Size” and then choose “Larger Text.” By adjusting a scrolling bar, users can increase the text size to a level that suits their preferences.

Mark demonstrates the text size adjustment on the screen, showcasing the significant difference between the regular size and the largest accessibility size. While larger text provides better readability for visually impaired users, it also reduces the amount of content visible on the screen, requiring more scrolling.

Mark then highlights Apple’s consistency in accessibility features across their devices, ensuring that what is learned on one device can be applied to others like iPads, iPad Pros, and Macs. This accessibility feature is specific to Apple’s applications and not web pages.

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