Living with sight loss tips – shampoo or conditioner?

Identifying different bottles in the bathroom is tricky if you have little or no vision. Let Mark show you this super easy solution!


In this video, Mark demonstrates a simple method to differentiate between shampoo and conditioner for those with visual impairments.

He starts by acknowledging that some people with sight loss struggle to differentiate between shampoo and conditioner, especially when the bottles are identical. The usual method of identifying them by their different-sized bottles may not always be available. To address this issue, Mark shares a practical solution.

He presents two identical bottles of hair care products, which belong to his wife. To distinguish between the two bottles, he suggests using an elastic band or hair bobble on the primary bottle, which contains the shampoo. By feeling for the presence of the band or bobble, one can easily identify the shampoo bottle from the other, which is the conditioner. This simple trick allows visually impaired individuals to manage their hair care products more efficiently.

Mark emphasises that this method can be applied to various other scenarios, such as differentiating between face creams, beverages like beer and wine, or any other items with similar packaging.

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