Apple Magnifier – an impressive update!

Recently, we released a video about Apple’s accessibility options, but in particular the magnifier. Apple has since added a very impressive update to it on iPhone 12 Pro and beyond.

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The video discusses the impressive update to the Apple Magnifier feature, specifically the addition of “person detection” on premium models like the Apple 12 Pro. The speaker, Mark Belcher, a community services manager at Henshaws Knowledge Village, demonstrates the new feature by introducing his phone to a person named Ben. The phone uses vibrations and verbal responses to indicate the presence of a person and provides accurate distance information.

Mark highlights the potential uses for this feature, such as helping people with low vision or blindness navigate queues, find seats in theatres or buses, or determine if a space is occupied. He envisions a future where this technology is integrated into wearable glasses, similar to “Apple Glass,” to enhance accessibility further.

However, he notes that currently, the person detection feature is only available on premium models and expresses hope that it will be extended to other models in the future. The video concludes with Mark’s excitement about the potential of this technology and his anticipation for future advancements.

In summary, the video presents the new “person detection” update for Apple Magnifier on premium iPhone models, emphasising its potential benefits for people with visual impairments and discussing the possibilities of integrating the technology into wearable glasses in the future. The speaker encourages viewers to try out the tech if they have access to the compatible iPhone models and looks forward to further advancements in accessibility technology from Apple.

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