Freeha’s Story


In this video Freeha, a 16-year-old with albinism, shares her experiences and challenges related to her visual impairment. Albinism affects her light sensitivity and distant vision, making it difficult to see clearly in new environments or when dealing with bright light. Despite these challenges, Freya manages well in familiar surroundings.

One of the main frustrations Freeha faces is when people assume they know what’s best for her based on her condition. She emphasises that each person’s vision impairment is unique, and what works for one may not be suitable for another. Freeha believes that parents of visually impaired children should allow them to explore their own journeys and become independent rather than being overprotective.

Freeha highlights the importance of finding individual solutions for daily tasks. For instance, she shares how she can only cut red onions because they are easier for her to see. She encourages visually impaired individuals not to be nervous and to try new things, even if mistakes are made, as learning from experience helps in finding practical solutions.

In terms of education, Freeha suggests that teachers should consult visually impaired students about their needs and preferences. In her case, she had specific requirements for her exams, such as cream paper, bold double line spacing, and a specific font size, which helped her perform better.

Overall, Freeha’s story sheds light on the importance of individualised support and understanding when it comes to visual impairments. She advocates for independence, empowerment, and open communication to help visually impaired individuals flourish and go beyond expectations.

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