Benefits of Filters and Tints

In this video, Mark and Simon discuss the variety of available eye shield filters which are designed to help increase contrast and definition to assist with certain eye conditions. They can be worn over prescription glasses as necessary and exclude harmful ultraviolet (UV) and blue light which can damage the eyes their benefits also include aiding with glare avoidance, enhancement of contrast and control of light sensitivity.


This video discusses the benefits of using filters for people with sight loss. The host, Simon, explains how filters can improve vision in various lighting conditions and highlights the misconceptions surrounding their use, clarifying that filters are not just sunglasses.

Filters are used to address three main issues: excessive light, contrast, and glare. Contrary to popular belief, the best filters are often light in color and not necessarily dark. Simon emphasizes that finding the right filters involves a trial and error process. They should be selected based on individual needs and preferences, focusing on maintaining vision acuity and increasing contrast.

Simon demonstrates various filter options, such as ambers and yellows, which are beneficial for low-light conditions, enhancing vision during dusk and dawn. He recommends trying different filters and assessing their effect on vision, looking for improved contrast and reduced glare.

The video also mentions the importance of wearing filters over prescription glasses, as they are designed to be worn together. Simon advises finding filters that not only work well but also look good and feel comfortable since they will likely be worn regularly.

It is suggested to get a second pair of filters if possible, as they can be affordable and provide a backup option. Simon emphasizes the significance of finding the right filters tailored to individual needs, as they can greatly improve the overall visual experience for people with sight loss.

Mark and Simon encourages viewers to try out different filters and consult with specialists if needed, but also assures that one doesn’t need to be an expert to understand the basics of choosing suitable filters.

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