Putting Microsoft’s Soundscape app to the test!

Microsoft’s new app ‘Soundscape’ is designed for blind and partially sighted people, and creates a 3D audio map of your surroundings to help you navigate outside.


In this video the focus is on exploring the Microsoft Soundscape app, which aims to assist people with visual impairments and disabilities in navigating their surroundings. The video begins with an introduction to the app and Marks excitement to try it out during a walk outside.

As he start their walk, the presenter demonstrates how Soundscape provides auditory cues to describe the environment in 3D soundscapes, utilising headphones for a better experience. He walks past a bus stop and a speed camera, and the app informs them about these landmarks.

Mark continues his journey, passing Trafford Town Hall and Chester Road. The app’s audio cues change as they approach different locations, indicating Tesco’s presence in front of them. They also mention the use of a drum beat to identify Tesco’s location to their left.

Upon reaching another bus stop, the app informs them about the proximity of Tesco once again, using distinct tones to convey this information. Mark is amazed by the app’s ability to guide them not only to the garden but also precisely to the steps within the garden.

As the video concludes, Mark expresses his satisfaction with the app’s performance and the positive impact it can have on people’s lives.

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