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Getting out and about safely, and having good orientation and mobility skills, is crucial to independence. Some visually impaired people may initially lack the confidence to get out and about, however with the appropriate tools and skills, it is possible for visually impaired people to maintain their independence when travelling from A to B.

This eBook provides some top tips to equip you with the knowledge and skills to travel safely, independently and confidently.
This eBook also offers advice for sighted people, giving best practices for supporting a visually impaired person to navigate their surroundings.

Please note: The advice in this eBook is not exhaustive. For advice and support personalised to your needs, it is recommended that you contact your local sensory team who can carry out an assessment and discuss your individual needs.
If you have any advice of your own to share not covered in this eBook, we would love to hear from you. Ways to get in touch are at the end of this eBook.

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