Sullivan+: a Visual Aid App

In this video, Mark shows us Sullivan+, a new app from South Korean firm TUAT. Sullivan+ features a range of different aids for those with visual impairments ranging from Colour detection, to text recognition and PDF reading.

If you were intrigued by Marks ‘NEST’ notification that sounded during recording, check out the video from last year about it in the video description.


This video features Mark Belcher, the Community Development Manager at Henshaws Knowledge Village, discussing the Sullivan+ AI app, designed to assist individuals with sight loss and enhance their independence. The app is available on both Android and iOS platforms and offers various functionalities, including text recognition, face recognition, image description, colour recognition, a magnifier, a PDF reader, and a note reader.

Mark explains that the app had a minor issue during their initial filming due to server downtime, but it’s now fully operational and runs smoothly as a cloud-based solution. He demonstrates the app’s capabilities, starting with text recognition. Mark uses the app to identify the text on a Nivea hand cream bottle accurately. Next, he tests the image description feature by holding up a watch, and the app promptly identifies it as a hand holding a watch.

He then tries the face recognition feature on himself, and the app correctly detects his face and describes him as a male with an expressionless face, approximately 29 years old. Mark further tests the colour recognition feature, which successfully identifies the colours blue, purple, and orange in his surroundings.

Mark praises the app’s additional features, such as the fast and accurate PDF reader, but reminds users that the app requires a reliable internet connection due to its cloud-based nature. He concludes the video by encouraging viewers to support Henshaws Knowledge Village by donating to their cause.

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