How to choose your clothes if you’re blind

Let Mark show you his top tips for organising your clothes if you have little or no vision.


In this video, the focus is on supporting people with sight loss and other disabilities in organising their clothing. Mark acknowledges that organising clothes can be challenging for individuals with low or no vision, sharing personal strategies in his own home. He organises his clothes by colour, primarily wearing shades of blue, green, and beige. To differentiate between these colours, he places his blues at the bottom and greens and beiges at the top, allowing him to quickly select the desired clothing.

Additionally, Mark offers a helpful tip for using safety pins to mark clothes based on colour. He suggests putting a single safety pin on garments of one colour (e.g., greens and beiges) and two safety pins on clothes of another colour (e.g., blues). This tactile method allows individuals with vision impairments to easily identify their desired clothing by touch.

Another technique involves using technology, such as the “Cobalt Speech Master,” a colour detector. By placing the device on a garment and pressing a switch, it announces the colour aloud. Although not perfect, this tool provides an alternative method to identify colours independently. Mark mentions that various colour-detecting apps are available, some of which are free and more accurate than others. Future episodes will explore these apps and their functionalities in more detail.

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