Using kitchen appliances with sight loss

Finding your way around the kitchen with low vision can be daunting, even dangerous. In this video, find out how these simple bump-ons stickers can make life easier and help you to use your kitchen appliances.


This Video discusses strategies for individuals with sight loss to use kitchen appliances effectively. Mark provides guidance on making appliances more accessible for visually impaired users.

Mark begins by emphasising the importance of using contrasting and tactile objects for better visibility. He mentions appliances like the cooker, oven, and washing machine, which are often not very accessible due to their modern and high-tech designs.

To address these challenges, Mark demonstrates a solution using “bump-ons,” which are tactile adhesive buttons that can be placed on the appliances to create better contrast and accessibility. He describes how they have applied these buttons below various knobs and switches on the appliances. For instance, he places a different-coloured bump-on below the oven’s temperature knob, another one below the lock button of the washing machine, and so on. By doing this, it help visually impaired users distinguish between different controls more easily.

Throughout the discussion, Mark emphasises the simplicity and practicality of using these bump-ons, suggesting that they can be easily obtained from online platforms like Amazon or eBay.

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